engaging Pisco Real Estate as a broker in the sale / leasing of real estate

Terms and Conditions

Article 1


1.1 To give the principal an objective opinion about the price of the real estate it is providing in accordance with its characteristics, market conditions and other relevant circumstances that affect the price;

1.2 To inspect the documents proving the ownership right or other real right to immovable property whose trade is the subject of mediation and to warn the Principal of any defects related to the registration of the property in the Register of Real Estate Cadastre, entered rights or charges, the existence of the right of pre-acquisition and the restriction in legal transactions in accordance with special regulations;

1.3 To keep personal information as a business secret and to provide full discretion in the manner envisaged for this type of work, taking into account the maximum protection of the LIABILER;

1.4 To provide advertising at print and electronic media at its expense, provide appropriate marketing presentation and enable potential buyers to view the real estate concerned;

1.5 To perform professional and expert supervision in accordance with the profession it performs until the completion of the sale and attendance of the transfer of immovable property;

1.6 To act with the care of a good businessman, mediate in negotiations and endeavors to conclude the sale of the sale, all in accordance with the Law on Obligations of Montenegro.

1.7 The real estate purchase agreement shall regulate all obligations of the parties.

Article 2


2.1 Broker is obliged to find a tenant and conclude a lease contract with him for real estate lease. The contract is signed by the tenant, the lessor, and the broker.

2.2. In the case of leasing, Article 1, paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 shall apply

2.3 The mediation contract shall regulate all contractual obligations of the parties

2.4. For the first 2 presented properties buyer dont have obligation to pay service but for every next Agncy fee will be 20€ per presentation Podgorica and suburb and for coast 50€/per presentation.

Article 3


3.1 To present to the BROKER the original documentation that proves ownership of the property in question (property, construction, etc.);

3.2 To clearly communicate to the BROKER about their terms of sale and timely notify the BROKER on any change in terms of sale and price,

3.3 To enable the BROKER to present to the interested Buyers of  the real estate in question and to cooperate constructively and correctly with the BROKER in order to successfully realize the sale;

3.4 To pay to the BROKER, an intermediary fee for the service provided:

Sales services fee:

Continental area

For apartments and apartments 3%
For homes and placements 3%
Business premises and premises 3%
of the agreed price of the real estate, and a minimum of € 750, (for real estate values ​​up to € 30,000) unless otherwise agreed.

Coastal area

For apartments and apartments 5%
For homes and placements 5%
Business premises and premises 5%

Rent FEE

One agreed monthly rent if the contract is concluded for a contract period of one year and a half of a monthly rent for each subsequent year of the contract period.

3.5 To comply with the provisions foreseen by the Law on Mediation in the Sale and Lease of Real Estate and General Terms and Conditions of the POSITIVE, all in accordance with the Law.

3.6 The principal is obliged to settle the mediation fee only if he / she concludes a legal transaction with the customer with whom the mediator has brought him / her into contact or with related persons.

3.7 In the event that the LIABLE, without the presence and knowledge of the POSREDNIK, or through another intermediary, during the validity of this consent, concludes Legal business with the potential Buyer / Leaseholder with whom the MEMBER has been connected or with related persons, compensates for the damage caused by the agreed mediation fee stipulated in Article 3 of this document. This provision shall be interpreted in the sense of the contractual penalty and the amount of damage suffered by the MISCELLANEOUS in the event of a dispute shall not be specifically proven.

Article 4

4.1 Terms and conditions  shall apply for a period of one year with the possibility of extension, which would be subsequently agreed upon with the declaration of the will of both Contracting Parties.

4.2 If there is   for the provision of additional services by the BROKER at the order of the ORDERING PARTY, the amount of the fee for the services rendered shall be agreed separately.

4.3 Anything not regulated in detail in this document will apply the General Terms and Conditions of the business of the intermediary “Pisco” LLC, and the Law on Mediation, as well as the Law on Obligations.

Article 5

5.1 In the event of a dispute under this agreement, the Basic Court in Podgorica shall be competent.