A brand new non-occupied apartment is offered for a longer period
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Rent 450€ - Apartments
70 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

A brand new non-occupied apartment is offered for a longer period


Dvosoban-nov-stan-Nova-Dalmatinska-Izdavanje-Stanova-PodgoricaThe apartment is located at Nova Dalmatinska near the hotel’s “Perla” . It has its parking and plenty of space. The building is brand new and this apartment is not yet occupied . Located on the second floor , faces the boulevard while the bedrooms face the south side . The building is well insulated with a demit facade, so bills are sure to be low.


As we said, this apartment is fully furnished , with new furniture , appliances. Warm interior colors make this space very comfortable. It has two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The day room is just as big and with massive furniture . It has an exit to a balcony that is dark in size to enjoy but not too big.

The kitchen is superbly done, with all new appliances never used, styled in wood color.

The Bedrooms are spacious, with new mattresses and beds, all of which are of high quality. In one room there is a large double bed, while in the other there are two single beds for one person. The closets are also spacious and there is ample wardrobe space.

Dvosoban-nov-stan-Nova-Dalmatinska-Izdavanje-Stanova-PodgoricaDvosoban-nov-stan-Nova-Dalmatinska-Izdavanje-Stanova-PodgoricaTerms of issuance

It is issued for a period of one year, with standard agency conditions. Our team did a presentation of this property, so if you like our work you should support it LIKE

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