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105 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

An oasis of peace in the heart of the city – Across the Moraca


This real estate is located on the famous boulevard St. Peter Cetinski . This boulevard has been described in the foreign press as one of the most beautiful in Europe . The reason for this flattering recognition is the two rows of logs that make this site specific. Here you will notice lots of greenery , the presence of many important institutions , then restaurants, cafes but there are even enough markets and a wardrobe store. The building has an elevator .

The rental apartment is located in a building we know better as “Ladybug” , and we can state that entrances are maintained >, and that the building looks tidy.


The apartment is two-bedroom and covers 105 m2, which you will admit is not common. The harmony of colors, beautifully fitted furniture, and the myriad of details make this property more than interesting . A lot of effort and work has been put into renovating this apartment. As we were making professional apartment photos , the kind owner introduced us to all the details of the equipment, the furniture, and the layout of the rooms. The heat pump that takes care of the heating of the apartment and there is an additional underfloor heating with ventilation built into all the rooms are just some of the the benefits of this pristine place.

What dominates this apartment are certainly the large living room , the kitchen and the dining room. Also, the beautiful view of the boulevard and the part of the town we call “via Moraca” cannot be overlooked. There is also a large intimate bathroom and a smaller g flush toilet .

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