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S O L D 45,000€ - Apartments
54 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

One bedroom 54m2 apartment near Mupo in Zagoric


The apartment is located in a building across from Mupa. Flats for sale in this part of town are in full swing and represent the sought after location. The building where this property is located was built some 10 years ago and is in good condition. The entrance is provided with an intercom, and a security lock. The apartment is located on the 5th floor, which is also the last. Parking space is provided for the occupants of the building and there is enough for now. The building is thermally insulated with a demit facade .


The interior layout is classic which means that all the other rooms are accessible from the entrance hall. When it comes to the entrance hall, it is spacious and very well used. The entire space was used for closets, which are more than enough to dispose of clothes and shoes. Everything was customized and custom-made.

The living room is in the extension and is very spacious. The space between the living room and the kitchen was used for a large dining table made of solid wood. The corner set is “Simpo”, and is of high quality and provides more than enough seating. It can also be stretched out, which gives extra space for accommodation. The kitchen is nicely blended and custom made. The price includes all kitchen items, which are also well-known manufacturers.

Prodaja stanovaThe bedroom is spacious and is also equipped with quality furniture that distinguishes the French bed “Maja Lux Slovenia”. There is also a large American wardrobe closet. The bathroom is fully equipped with appliances and as such is for sale.

The living room opens onto a beautiful terrace overlooking the city. The terrace is partly covered and there is a possibility of complete closure.

After our evaluation and review of all the details of this property, we conclude that no investment is needed. Here are just some of the disadvantages and benefits of this property:

The advantages are certainly the location, because you are a few minutes drive from the city center, and there is a beautiful hill Gorica as a place for relaxation and rest. Also, this section is being built rapidly and is in the immediate vicinity of the future City Quay . Of the drawbacks, they would certainly state the fact that the building does not have an elevator and the apartment is located on the fifth floor, but as a compensation the future owners get a lower price than the market for this part of the city.

Terms of sale

The property is owned by 1/1 and has no loads and hidden flaws. The Pisco Real Estate agency has been granted the right of sale, so we will be at your service for any additional information.

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