Business and warehouse space for rent Podgorica
Rent 4€ - Storage, Business premises

Business and warehouse space for rent Podgorica


The space is located on the road to Zeta, after Kalija. This location is very close to Podgorica, which is a great convenience for such facilities as a warehouse.

Interior and design

The building consists of 3 warehouses of 460m2, 260m2 and 170m2. The warehouses are hard built and 6m high. The facility has access to trucks as well as 2 forklifts, a pallet truck, video surveillance. Along with 3 warehouse spaces comes 50m2 of office space.

Warehouses can be rented separately, and there is also the possibility of price correction for a longer period of time.

Terms of issue

The space is for rent for a minimum of one year at the request of the owner, a deposit is required and is in the amount of one monthly rent. If you liked this property contact us for more information.

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