Duplex apartment near  the hill Ljubović | Apartment sale
Sell 90,000€ - Apartments
90 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Spacious apartment on two levels near the hill Ljubović

Location and approach

The duplex apartment is located on the west side of the hill Ljubović and overlooks the west. The bedrooms are facing east. To the building leads an access road that is currently being reconstructed so it will have exit toward Stara Varoš and toward the clinic “Codra”. It’s a road that should make a ring around the Ljubović hill. This place is a well-known promenade and has a well-organized bike and recreation path. Spacious parking space in front of the building offers more than enough space for parking, and is only predicted for tenants. The exterior of the building is pleasant and without visible defects, the facade is fully preserved The entrance hall is neat and the apartment is located on the second floor.

Dupleks stanInterior and layout

The indoor rooms are divided into two levels. The lower part consists of a large living room reached through the hall, then there is a dining room that divides a living room and and a kitchen, then the kitchen with an exit to a spacious terrace. The entire floor is well preserved and no additional investment is required. The apartment is freshly painted, so this investment is also not necessary. The floors are completely preserved and are covered with quality parquet and ceramics. Special attention has been paid to the walls, so in some parts more advanced wall techniques are used, which you can see on our photos. The living room is fully furnished, with quality furniture, as well as the complete apartment.

The kitchen is also fully equipped with valuable furniture and technique so you do not have to think about buying a new one. The kitchen leads to a spacious terrace that is also glazed and you can enjoy it in winter and summer. Exterior joinery is made of aluminum.

We will also mention a small guest toilet situated at the end of the entrance hall, and there is a closet for the wardrobe.

The functional stairs lead up to the upper part, which is intended for work and rest. On the upper floor there are 3 bedrooms, bathroom and hallway. The rooms are located partially under the roof slope, but there is enough light and space. Isolation is excellent and no sign of moisture or damage is noticed anywhere. These rooms are also fully equipped. You can see the layout of the rooms on the attached photographs.

Equipment in the apartment

As we have already pointed out, the apartment is fully equipped, both with furniture and technique. It has air conditioning, wall radiators, 5 intercoms, as well as modern internet and tv networks.

Conditions of sale and our opinion 

Our estimation is that the apartment is offered at a fair market price, and that it is ideal for larger families. The property is 1/1, and it is registered by papers on 81m2, while according to the measures, the actual area is 90m2.

The apartment is offered for cash, but there is the possibility of compansation for a smaller apartment at an extra charge, especially if it is located in settlements over Morača, blok 5 and similar.

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