Two bedroom apartment in Vuka Karadžića Street Podgorica
Sell, Compesation 94,000€ - Apartments
74,23 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom


Vuka Karadzica Street, one of the oldest and most beautiful in the city. At the same time my street 🙂 Quiet, sunny, with lots of greenery, once even more but then the city authorities started mixing wood and concrete and started planting concrete. But we hope that at least this will be the end of it, and that there won’t be cutting of trees anymore. The building where this beautiful apartment is placed was built by the Germans. The thick walls, made of large bricks, were preserved in excellent condition to this day. You wont hear neighbors quarreling or washing their teeth.  The walls are thick and have excellent isolation both acoustic and thermal. This apartment looks toward the southwest. Going out on terrace, you can see the beauty of the park, made up of conifers and deciduous trees. The building has no elevator, but this is expected in such buildings. The entrances are clean and maintained,and the exterior facade of the building has been changed and refreshed, and now looks clean and bright. You can read more on this topic on our blog.


The front doors are secure, of very good quality. The front hall is small but functional, enough for the closet to fit in, while the living room is large and spacious. The kitchen is separated by a bar, and the dining table is in one corner of the room. The kitchen is well-fitted, bright , with all the necessary equipment. It’s included in price ie. remains to a new buyer. There’s a small hall which leads from these rooms to the other two bedrooms and a bathroom.

These rooms are really large and very comfortable. A particularly unique room one is large room that is very bright and overlooks the park, and also has a large terrace. Part of the furniture from these rooms would also remain to new buyers. We must note that the apartment was renovated in 2007. The apartment also includes two air conditioners, of which one is inverter. There are also three wall radiators. There is an interphone as well as modern internet and cable TV. Floors are wooden parquet, which looks fresh and maintained.

Conditions Of Sale

The apartment is registered at 61m2, but the real state according to the measurement is 76.5m2. The apartment also includes a cellar size of 6.75m2. We only accept payment in cash, but there is also the possibility of compensation for a larger three bedroom apartment in the center, for an extra charge of course. Pisco Real Estate is an agency that will gladly present this realty to you. Call our agent for additional questions.


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