Studio Apartment  Near The Faculty Of Economics  | Rent
Rent 290€ - Studio, Apartments
27 1 Bathroom



GarsonjeraThis property has a great location, especially if you are a student or if this part of the city suits you.This is one of the most beautiful parts of the city, very urban. The proximity of the Faculty of Economics and Law makes it very attractive. There are also courts and the city center is 5 minutes walk away.

Description of interior

GarsonjeraThe interior space is completely renovated and ready for moving in. Interior design was done by our famous architect. The color scheme is calming when talking about the living room and the rest area, while the other part, kitchen and bathroom call for activity. Ceramic tiles with a dose of orient invite you on exploration and give to the space a contrast that is well-integrated. The apartment is equipped with all the equipment, and the space is so functionally designed that you wont have a feeling that it’s a studio apartment, in fact this is a one bedroom apartment because it has a separated French bed.


GarsonjeraThe rent is for a period of one year and represents a good opportunity for those who need both a working and living space. Our agency will be at your service if you want to lease this property.



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