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Sell 27,500€ - Apartments
22 1 Bathroom


The apartment is located in a very sought-after location near Dalmatinska Street. It is a new and unoccupied building, only a few hundred meters from the Temple. Blok 5 is also across the street, as well as the shopping center Bazar. According to our estimation, the building is very well-constructed, starting with external locks, demit facade. It has its own private parking space, where customers receive one parking space per apartment registered on their name. This building doesn’t have elevator, but since there are only 3 floors, we can say it is not necessary. All floors have hydrants for fire protection, as well as wide stairs and entrance halls. The stairs are made with edges against gliding, the floors are covered with high-quality ceramics.


Studio apartments especially like this one, that are small, do not have an entrance hall, but directly lead to a living room. This is of course done because of functionality, and the best use of space. The living room is G-shaped, so that in one part a kitchen with a dining room can be placed and in the other the living room set.The bathroom is right next to the front door. What we immediately noticed is that there is a lot of light, which you will agree is very important, because the outer windows extend along the entire outer wall. Read more on the role of lighting in your home on our blog. In just 22m2, you can create a truly intimate and beautiful space.

What we were thinking about, when it comes to this space, is a good position for renting. The proximity of faculty can mean quick renting, and considering the fact that it’s a small space, this would not be an absolutely significant investment. So we are counting on an investment that will pay off by itself. The arrangement of this room is also not significant, so you could get an exclusive location for habitation or renting, for little money.

Conditions of Sale

Our agency is authorised for sale therefore we are at your sevice if you decide to check out a realty.


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