Renting | Warehouse | The road to Danilovgrad
Danilovgrad Municipality, Montenegro
Rent, Compesation - Storage
A-01 200

Warehouse of 200m2 is offered for rent or in compensation


The new warehouse of 200m2, located on the road to Danilovgrad, is offered in the compensation for two smaller apartments, a larger apartment along with an extra charge by the buyer. It is only 400m away from the main road, on a plot of 700m2. The facility has not been inhabited to this day, has a building permit, and the roof is made of solid metal construction. Gutters are built and it’s covered with sheet metal. The façade is made from the inside and outside. The facility is connected to the electricity network. The facility is suitable for all purposes and is enclosed by a high wall. It also has enough parking space, which allows easy handling of goods. The interior is well illuminated with neon light. Entrance doors are wide enough for the work with any kind of goods. We can notice a good construction, without moisture, and also sufficient height for pallet stacking at levels.




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