One bedroom apartment 50m2 | Podgorica | Montenegro
Crnogorskih Serdara, Podgorica, Montenegro
S O L D 53,000€ - Apartments
A-01 50 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

One bedroom apartment in the neighborhood ” Stara Varoš “


The apartment is located in the street Crnogorskih Serdara, near the clinic “Life”. The apartment is situated on the first floor and is facing north-east, and the area is 50 m2 as registered. This part of the city is recognizable by the first buildings of newer construction, from about 10 years ago. On one side is the hill “Ljubovic” which with its nature makes this area healthier for life. In the summer months this microlocation is also suitable regarding hot Podgorica summer.

On the other hand, there is a neighborhood “Stara Varos”, the oldest urban neighborhood in Podgorica, if we exclude “Duklja” which is almost forgotten by local authorities, as well as by citizens. The building is made of quality materials so no significant traces of regular use can be seen. The building has 4 floors. The exterior is a demit facade, which increases the energy efficiency of this building. This is a highly sought after location.

Interior of the apartment and  entrance rooms

The entrance to the building is neat and gives the impression that the tenants take care of the facility. The building doesn’t have an elevator but given the fact that the apartment is on the first floor, it doesn’t matter. At the entrance are security doors which provides additional security for tenants. The layout is functional and classical, which implies the entrance hall leading to all other rooms. You can also see a detailed view on the floor plan that is attached to this presentation, which you can also download. The apartment is left with some of the elements in the kitchen and wall radiators installed in each room.


The floors are made of wooden high-quality oak, which may require varnishing to make it look as a new one. Other rooms, kitchen and toilet are covered with ceramics. The quality of ceramics is average.


The walls are made of partition brick and represent an excellent sound insulator. The walls are also smoothed but require refreshment.

The general impression is that the apartment is nicely designed, comfortable enough, and the large living room makes it comfortable throughout the day. The apartment is lighten just enough, and with a little creativity in the arrangement, it can be one beautiful corner for life.

Overall impression

Positive impression remained after staying in the premises of this apartment. Functional rooms, with sufficient light and comfort, a quiet area, yet close to important city roads. After a detailed analysis, we propose the following investment with general costs:

  • Plastering with leveling correction 200 eur
  • Scraping and varnishing of parquet 200 eur
  • Replacement of sanitary facilities 400 eur

Conditions of sale

The apartment is sold for cash, compensations or partial repayment aren’t possible, and property is 1/1. The Pisco Real Estate Agency has been granted with exclusive sale right and will gladly be at your service and offer all relevant information regarding this property.








Floor Plans

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1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

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