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75 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 9

Large comfortable one bedroom apartment for sale Preko Morace 75m2

Location-One bedroom apartment Preko Morace

Jednosoban Stan Preko MoraceThe apartment is located in Ivana Vujosevica Street. This is one of the most popular and sought after locations in the city. There are many reasons for this. The proximity of the very popular school “Maksim Gorki” is certainly an important factor, but there are kindergartens, well-known catering establishments, the castle of King Nikola and so on. Also, some important state institutions can be reached by foot from this place. A location that would bring you a lot of benefits. A lot of greenery also makes this location attractive. The building in which this property is located is older but very well preserved and well maintained. The entrance is clean, maintained, and the elevator is noticeably well maintained. There aren’t many storeys and it is a good choice for living. The outside of the building also looks good, and, according to the owner, the renovation of the facade will be soon, although the insulation of this building is excellent.

Interior layout of the rooms

Jednosoban Stan Preko MoraceIn accordance with the construction trend at the time when this building was made, this apartment was built as a huge one-bedroom apartment. It has 75m2. The last time it was measured with laser and this square is confirmed. It’s oriented east – west, so it has a lot of light throughout the day. It’s also because of the large openings. There are two balconies that make up about 10m2 in total. While we went through and made an assessment of this property, we tried to examine all the possibilities for rearranging this apartment. The apartment is definitely for arrangement and investing.

Jednosoban Stan Preko MoraceComplete reconstruction is needed, but as you get it at a fair price, you are able to do it. What we especially liked was the huge living room, with a separate kitchen and dining room. There is a lot of room. The other part is for thinking, because the there’s a lot of space but there’s an impression that one more bedroom can be made and you would then get a two bedroom apartment. In conversation with the owner, we are told that some owners have made two bedrooms out of one large. In this way the space is used better. What was also in our mind was that there was a possibility to leave this layout of rooms but to be renovated so that one luxurious apartment for rent or living could be obtained. In any case, it’s a good choice. There are no significant investments in the apartment, but the parquet is quite good, and the bathroom installation was also changed.

Important note is that with this property you get a cellar that is specially enclosed and has 9m2.

Conditions of sale

This property is sold for cash, and the Real Estate Agency Pisco Real Estate has been given the right for sale. So contact us to get the best offer. [maxbutton id = “8”]

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