Long term rental Apartments Podgorica | One Bedroom Over Moraca
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63 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Long term rental Apartments Podgorica | One Bedroom Over Moraca


Nekretnine Podgorica - Jednosoban Svetozara MarkovićaThe apartment is located in ul. Svetozar Markovic at the Kerber Tavern . The location is very good and the apartment is on the back yard so you won’t mind the noise and dust. In our estimation, there is ample parking for tenants. This is a 4 storey building and this one is located on the lower floors. The apartment is partially renovated, but it is necessary to invest in renovation. The entrance is maintained and this building has no elevators, which frankly this apartment is not needed.


Floors are a combination of ceramic and parquet. The parquet floor has not been changed and is in good condition. The ceramics in the bathroom have been replaced, as have the water and sewer pipes. The electricity was also worked.

External locksmithing has been partially replaced but not entirely. PVC joinery is installed.

Nekretnine Podgorica - Jednosoban Svetozara MarkovićaThe Walls have not been worked, but they are in pretty good condition. At one point near the outside window we noticed some moisture and found that the poor composition of the windows and the wall was easy to repair.

Room layout is customizable, as there are a few options around organizing this space. All in all it takes some investment, but then you get a really nice space. In our estimation it takes about 8000e to repair and complete the renovation

Our opinion : The apartment is offered at the current market price. The location is outstanding, the building is solid, architecturally good.

Nekretnine Podgorica - Jednosoban Svetozara MarkovićaTerms of sale

It is being sold for cash, and we will be glad to present this property to interested buyers. If you also have advertising real estate, you can easily do so through the form

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