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Sell 53,000€ - Apartments
74 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom


Prodaja StanovaThe apartment is located on a large boulevard leading from the Krivi most to Zabjelo, near the Djurovic warehouse. The building in which this property is situated in was built some ten years ago and is done well. The approaches are good, there is a parking space which is free. The building has no elevator, although there is a possibility for installation, but the elevator has never been installed. The apartment is on the last, 5 floor. Above the apartment there is a concrete slab, then the roof, so it isn’t a loft, because it has a standard height of walls along the entire apartment. On the outside is a demit facade, and the outer locks are pvc. In the vicinity there are primary schools, kindergartens, both state and private, enough markets, etc.


The apartment is of a classical arrangement, the entrance hall which leads to other rooms. It’s very comfortable, since it has 74 m2, so you don’t have to worry about the size of the furniture you want to buy. Floors are a combination of wooden parquet and ceramics, which we believe are of satisfactory quality. We’re selling the apartment partly furnished with only a few pieces of furniture, but it will be of use to someone who decides to keep the existing ones. The apartment also has two air conditioners so you can also remove this cost from the list of necessary equipment.

Prodaja StanovaWe’ll mention that there’s a beautiful view of the city from the terrace. Thinking about this apartment, we concluded that for those who want something cheap, this is a great opportunity. The lack of an elevator is a deficiency, but there is a possibility of installation if the tenants make an agreement. Also for those who don’t need an elevator, this is an opportunity because the price was reduced by 300 e / m2 as it would otherwise be at this location. If you multiply 300e with 74m / 2 which is the size of this apartment, you would get a figure of 22,200 euros, which is exactly how much costs for an installation of an elevator, because then this apartment would be worth that much more.

Prodaja StanovaConditions of Sale

We only accept payment in cash, and Pisco Real Estate has received the right for sale so we will gladly show you and present this realty. The ownership is also neat, and is registered on one owner. Feel free to contact us.

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