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A piece of heaven next to our cleanest river is on offer


The plot is located next to the river “Zeta” and it extends over the entire length. In fact, there are two plots of 2700m2 next to each other. One is without construction and descends to the river, and the other is next to it and there is a construction on it, that is, a house 30 years old but in a very good condition. The house is 120m2 square and in fact it is a large two bedroom apartment. The plots are divided also with good access roads of 4m width.

Prodaja placeva DanilovgradThe place is exceptional, 700m from the city center, it is flat, there has never been any flood because the configuration of the terrain is such that you can use it for various purposes. If you decide to buy the first plot, next to the river, you can build a house in a beautiful nature with a river next to you, and you can also think of some catering facility that would surely have a lot of visitors. The existence of some of the nearby facilities which are well visited speak in favour of our thesis. As an agency we are also dealing with consulting, so you can count on us for that also. The river bank is wooded, so along with the freshness of the river itself, you will also have the extra enjoyment provided by the trees. If you want the right place to enjoy this is an opportunity for you.

Prodaja placeva Danilovgrad

As for the other plot on which the facility is located, you again get much more than you lose. You get a house that you can adjust to yourself, with a little investment, also large and spacious plot, which is very opportune for fruit trees Whatever you decide, you won’t be at a loss.

The owner also offered all the documentation from which the property right is clearly stated, so you don’t have to worry about that part.

Prodaja placeva DanilovgradConditions of Sale

We only accept cash for the plots, but there’s also a chance of replacement along with an extra charge for a one-room apartment on the coast. A compromise can be usually reached. As far as additional information are concerned, feel free to contact our agent, we are at your service. We also suggest checking out the plots because the picture is worth a thousand words.


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