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89 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 1 Garage


stanThe apartment is located in Bratstva i Jedinstva Street, which is in the center of the city towards the shopping center “Gintaš”. It’s an urban zone, with all the amenities. Here you can find everything from modern green market, large markets, schools, kindergartens to bus and train stations. For those who want to get fast to all parts of the city, this is the right location. Roads are arranged and wide, so it’s hard to catch the traffic jams. stanThe building in which this apartment is located is very high quality, according to all standards. This location is also exclusive, because there won’t be constructions of new buildings in this area any time soon. Residential units in this building are designed to be comfortable and functional, so they will enable a lot of joy to the future tenants.

Apartment interior

The apartment is conceived as a two-bedroom residential unit, with spacious hallways, and a large living room. The kitchen and dining room are also very spacious which enables enjoyment when preparing meals. We will note that the kitchen arrangement is very modern with all the appliances and equipment that is needed.
stanBy inspecting all rooms we can say that there isn’t any need for investing any money. The fact that the apartment was renovated in March 2018 goes to show this. The great thing is that the apartment also has a garage of 13m2, which means a lot, since this part of the city is very visited.

stanThe complete arrangement of the apartment, apart from artistic paintings, would remain to future owners, which is not negligible., considering that the furniture is of high quality. The apartment also has a beautiful terrace that has an open space in front, so you can enjoy your morning or afternoon coffee with pleasure. By estimating this property, we come to the conclusion that, taking into account the current market opportunities, it is offered at a fair price.

Conditions of Sale

stanWe only accept payment in cash, and we will gladly present this property to anyone who is interested. Pisco Real Estate Agency is always there for you! Contact our agent for more information.

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