Apartment per day | City kvart Podgorica |
radoja dakica bb Podgorica Montenegro
Rent 30€ - Apartments
45 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

City Kvart – apartment per day, on the popular location of the urban neighborhood


Apartment apartment per day is located in a very popular location, which is the center of urban life, modern architecture with recognizable image and style. City Kvart is becoming the avant-garde of new trends, lifestyles, popular cafes and restaurants, making it a desirable place for everyone except for family people with children.

Arrangement and interior 

The apartment has everything you need for a pleasant stay per day but also for longer period. The fully equipped kitchen with all the elements, a spacious bathroom and a king-size bed in the bedroom will make your rest comfortable. The apartment has two TVs, one in the living room and one in the bedroom, wi-fi in the entire apartment, washing machine, shower.

You can find a lot of content nearby, starting from the shopping mall “Delta” to the large supermarket “Voli”.

Important note

The apartment is issued per a day or longer, and the possible payment methods are for cash or through a bank account for legal entities.


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