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Sell 58,500€ - Apartments
67 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 1980 Year Built

Apartment 67m2 in skyscraper above The Gintash Mall


The apartment is located at 52 Bulevar Save Kovačevića street in a 15-storeyskyscraper and this apartment is located on the 13th floor. The site has a number of advantages, such as kindergarten, “Gintas” shopping mall,proximity to the elementary school, high school and podgorica bus and railway station. There are 3 skyscrapers, rising above the surrounding area and providing stunning views of the city.

From the entrance itself, it is noticed that the entrance isbeing maintained – ranging from coded frontdoors – to two
that have recently been replaced. There is an assembly of tenants and the maintenance of the entrance is paid per square metre of the apartment. The front door of the apartment has been changed and blind doors have been installed.

Two bedroom apartment near Gintaša - Apartment sales Podgorica-9Internally arranged

From the very beginning of entering the apartment you can see that the apartment is well-lighted and pleasant. The rest rooms are separate from the living room and kitchen. The apartment has been partially renovated

, as the walls, floors and installations will say. Internal and external locksmiths are refreshed. The apartment is being sold semi-forged.

Two bedroom apartment near Gintaša - Apartment sales Podgorica-9If we share the total price with the square registered, we get that the price of an apartment per square meter is 873€ which is a very fair price. If they were to renovate the remaining part of, for example, the city’s 100,000-year internal and outer joinery would once again get a great apartment at a very affordable price. We did our best to do professional photos and video. The apartment also has a few terraces that are not large squares and provide real pleasure. There’s also a little lodging with a grocery shed.

Two bedroom apartment near Gintaša - Apartment sales Podgorica-9Sales Terms

By insight into the documentation, we are convinced that this propertyis not under burden , and that the ownership list is fine, so if you opt for this apartment you may find the purchase relationship to be easy. We suggest you take a look at this property and make an appointment. Also, if you think this property won’t suit you, let us help you.


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