Unfurnished Apartment in Family Quarter & Apartment Rental
Rent 200€ - Apartments
48 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

The unfurnished 48m2 apartment is for rent for a longer period


Izdavanje stanova PodgoricaThe apartment is located in the Family Quarter, which is a separate part of Zabjel, surrounded by plenty of parking.

Izdavanje stanova PodgoricaInterior

The apartment is one bedroom, for rent unfurnished. The layout of the rooms is excellent, the insulation of the building also, as the layout is excellent DEMIT FASADA but also exterior joinery with shutters. The building does not have an elevator, but it is of low floors, so we assume that this will not be a problem.

Terms of sale

It is issued for a period of one year, with monthly rent and mandatory terms from the first installment and deposit. [maxbutton id=”24″ ]

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