A space created for a dream holiday


The luxurious interior we present you is located within the Andermatt Resort in the Swiss Alps. It is a fully equipped apartment for rent that offers its visitors more than comfort from a healthy environment without motor vehicles and views of the mountain peaks, to romantic cracking of the fire and private spa facilities.


Odmor iz snova

Andematt is a resort in the Swiss Alps that offers its guests the conditions and amenities that present today a real luxury: there is no motorized traffic in this village, and it represents a peaceful environment without noice and pollution originating from cars: this neighborhood is surrounded by untouched nature, as if created for winter sports admirers; apartments within the resort. decorated in a modern Alpine style, providing guests with superb comfort, fantastic views of the alpine peaks, and some of them even a private spa oasis.

Within the resort there are real estate for sale and rent, and the apartment Alpenrose that we present to you is a luxury apartment for rent. Apartment Alpenrose consists of a living room with kitchen and dining room, bedroom and bathroom. Although it is part of the resort and is intended for renting on shorter periods, it is equipped with all the necessary details just like home for everyday life.

The reason for this is that this whole resort is designed as a peaceful oasis that provides maximum comfort and privacy, without the need for interaction with staff or other guests. The apartment is located in an exclusive location with a fantastic view that includes the alpine peaks as well as the central square of the neighborhood, and in its proximate vicinity are first class restaurants and shopping centers.










When it comes to interior decoration, the Alpenrose apartment provides the atmosphere of true mountain chalet, but with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies that provide top-class comfort. The complete interior is decorated in a combination of various natural materials of neutral colors, and the impression of the alpine chalet is definitely best represented by the living room.

It is organized around a glass fireplace built into a wall lined with gray stone. With a combination of dark brown and gray tones, rich textures of wood and fur, and a very decent natural light, here is a very comfortable and intimate ambience.


Kitchen and a dining room

Unlike the living room, for which could be said it’s dominated by the rustic style, the kitchen and dining room have a very modern character, although they are in the same room with a living room. The brightest colors, cleaner lines and plenty of daylight in this corner of the room contributed most to this.

These two units are located at the very corner of the facility, and both sides they are illuminated by wide windows whose height extends from the floor to the ceiling of the room. The kitchen consists of a set of elements with light gray fronts and a wooden worktop, where all necessary kitchen appliances are installed. In the center there is a dining table with a robust wood panel, which is in contrast to the white white Ims chairs. In the bedroom, as well as in the living room, there is a somewhat more rustic and intimate ambience, with less light and darker colors.


In this room, only gray color is combined as a base and different shades of brown in detail. Opaque curtains on the windows allow you to darken the room completely and to protect it from view, while discreet lighting and soft details, such as fur cover and segi carpet, create a nice and comfortable atmosphere.

The detail that gives the dose of rusticality into this ambiance is the wall behind the bed, which is partially covered with stone linings. The bathroom is the simplest decorated room, but colorfully and stylishly completely follows the rest of the apartment.

The walls and floors are covered with gray tiles of large size from natural stone, which is also the main feature of this room. This ambience is completed with details in the wood decoration – frames of doors and windows, and a cabinet under the sink.

The simple ambience in the bathroom is completed by a decent natural and artificial lighting: a hinged glass window that indirectly passes daylight, built-in ceiling lighting for general lighting, and an effective LED strip hidden behind the mirror.


The combination of neutral colors and natural materials and textures created a warm and intimate atmosphere which perfectly fits the bedroom.





Source: Brava Casa