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An excellent office space of 120m2 is for rent in the very center of the city
Бокешка, Podgorica, Podgorica Capital City, 81110, Montenegro
Rent 2,000€ - Business premises

An excellent office space of 120m2 is for rent in the very center of the city


The office space is located in Bokeška Street, in the very center of Podgorica. It is a newly built building, with a very neat entrance. There are a large number of cafes in the street itself, and all important institutions in the surroundings. The location is good for any type of office business because it is busy, recognizable, and easily accessible.

Interior and design

The office space is 120m2, it is very nicely lit, with a good arrangement of rooms, spacious and functional. At the entrance to the space, on the right side, next to the large window, there is a reception area, and on both sides of it is the entrance to the offices. They are comfortable, have windows, and both are air-conditioned. At the other end of the space there is a large open space room, with French balconies, facing Bokeška Street. This room is also air-conditioned. This space concept is ideal for IT companies, developer spaces… Very high quality space, new, with good lighting.

The rental price includes a parking space located in the parking lot near the Emergency Department. The tenant pays VAT.


Terms of release

Office space is rented for a minimum of one year. If you liked this offer, contact us for more information.


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