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Apartments For Rent in  Podgorica & Two Bedroom Furnished Apartment At Fair Price
R E N T E D 350€ - Apartments
742 Bedrooms1 Bathroom

Two bedroom furnished apartment at a fair price at Old Airport


Old Airport is successfully competing for a place that has all the hallmarks of modern and urban . Broad boulevards, modern shopping malls, schools, kindergartens, playgrounds for children home health. All this makes this a place to live . Distance from the city center and the main square is only 700m. In all likelihood, if the urbanization of this part continues, it will become a very nice place to live.

We are certainly seeing more and more more trees and green spaces . Recently, a modern shopping center “Franca” was built, which gave new meaning to this part of the city. Here you can find everything from a large hypermarket, green market to cafes, boutiques etc. The building where this property is located is located near the mall. The quality of the workmanship is excellent, as you can see from the entrance. The investor was Meša Kolarević who is known for his very modern and high quality buildings. Modern lift , safety systems , hygiene are just some of the positives.

Interior and room design

The apartment is offered as fully furnished . Visiting all the rooms of this property we are convinced that it is a very good construction, the bedrooms are just as big as the part where the living room and dining room with kitchen are located. You can also get an overall impression from our photos and videos that we do for you for free. From the appliances and equipment in the apartment, we noticed the climate inverter , and the complete furniture of the mediapan. Also, the interior joinery is of high quality workmanship. Good lighting was also taken into account, so you can find valuable chandelier pieces in recessed lights in the apartment.

If we sum up our impressions, this is a good offer with a great value for money and we can say that this property is in our top 10.

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Terms of sale

This property is rent for one year period under usually agency terms. If you want to advertise your property you can do it through our simple contact form.

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Prodaja Stanova Podgorica - Dvosoban Stan

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