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Beautiful Studio near the Church Preko Morača for rent
Moskovska, Kruševac, Podgorica, Capital Podgorica, 81000, Montenegro
R E N T E D, Rent 250€ - Studio apartment
30 1 Bathroom

Beautiful Studio near the Church Preko Morača for rent


The studio is located in a great location, on the corner of Moskovska and Dalmatinska streets. Nearby there are supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, butcher, bakery, two high schools, primary school, playgrounds, kindergarten, colleges. . In short, everything is necessary for life.

Interior and design

This studio of 30m2 is very beautiful, sunny and spacious. The living room is complemented by pull-out furniture. there is also a chest of drawers with a TV, while in the extension there is a dining room and a bar, a separate kitchen that has all the necessary elements and devices. The bathroom has a shower and washing machine. There are large closets in the hallway. The apartment is air-conditioned and has a beautiful view of the Church and greenery.

Terms of issue

The apartment is for rent for a minimum of one year, the deposit is mandatory and is in the amount of one month’s rent. If you liked this property, contact us for more information.


Agent Tatiana Cupara


Tatiana is a responsible and cheerful person, always ready to find the property according to your will and needs. Together…
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