Business premises | Montenegro | Podgorica
Novaka Miloša Podgorica
R E N T E D 2,500€ - Business premises
A-01 180

Business premises near the  Faculty of Law and Economics

Business premises Location

This property is on a great location especially if you want to deal with a lawyer, a notary business, or you might want to open  an accounting agency. It is also outstanding for the company’s headquarters and some training center. The proximity of courts, faculties and important institutions makes it important.

Business premisesInterior

This office space is equipped with good internet and intranet, supervision, air conditioning and office lighting. Its purpose is multiple, but it was mostly issued for office work.

Business premisesConditions

It is issued for a longer period under standard conditions. Our agency will gladly meet you with the presentation and providing additional information for this property. For any additional information, please contact our agent.


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