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Business space in City Kvart 180m2 + Garage space 19m2 for sale
250,000€ - Business premises
180 1 Garage

Business space in City Kvart 180m2 + Garage space 19m2 for sale

The office space is located in the City district, next to Zetagradnja in Vojvode Maša Đurovića Street. This is a great location because a new settlement is being built in front of this building, and the construction of an elementary school is planned. So in a few years, this location will be even more attractive.

The space is oriented on both sides, facing the courtyard side and towards the new Kips buildings. The street is busy and will be even more frequent after the construction of the settlement, so the space is ideal for a cafe, restaurant, pharmacy, shop, boutique.

It consists of two parts of a total of 180m2 – ground floor and basement, of 90m2. It is in the gray phase. It is interesting that the space is connected directly to the garage and the garage space, which is visibly larger than the others, which is a big plus if, say, the goods should be brought by van and left in the basement.

All in all, a great space that can be a great investment for your business !!!

Terms of Sale

It is for sale for cash. If you liked this property, feel free to contact us. The Pisco Team always works for you!


Agent Tatiana Cupara


Tatiana is a responsible and cheerful person, always ready to find the property according to your will and needs. Together…
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