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FOR RENT Business space in City Kvart 48m2
R E N T E D 600€ - Business premises

FOR RENT Business space in City Kvart 48m2


Space is located in one of the most sought-after and most attractive neighborhoods, the City Kvart. This neighborhood is extremely suitable for various types of business and there are many parking spaces in the area. The turnover of people on a daily basis next to this business space is large, which is a huge advantage.

Interior and Design

Space is completely arranged and has 48m2, has a small bathroom and kitchen, alarm system, cameras and electric / metal electric doors. The space is also air-conditioned with two air conditioners. It is suitable for businesses that do not require a large area, such as agencies, smaller boutiques, florists …

Terms of issue

The space is for rent for a minimum of one year at the request of the owner, a deposit is required and is in the amount of one monthly rent. If you liked this property contact us for more information.

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