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For Rent | Studio | Podgorica, City Quarter
City Kvart Podgorica
R E N T E D 250€ - Apartments
311 Bathroom

Studio of 31 m2 for rent in Podgorica, City Quart

Garsonjera za izdavanje City KvartLocation

The studio is located in a new building in the popular City Quarter. The apartment has an area of 31 m2 and has a small balcony for enjoying coffee. There is ample free parking around this building so you should not worry about it. The entrances are clean, maintained, as is the new blue elevator.


The apartment is equipped with all furniture and equipment, air-conditioned. Sava furniture and things are new and almost unused. In one part is a really large closet that will satisfy even the most demanding tenants. The building is well done, lined with a demit facade, so your electricity bills will be significantly smaller.

The balcony also has a separate small pantry for hygiene supplies, or excess items.

Garsonjera za izdavanje City KvartUslovi izdavanja

It is issued for a minimum period of one year, with a mandatory deposit and the first rent. The Agency will draw up a contract to protect both parties. If you own a similar property, you can advertise it through our agency because we offer the most

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