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FOR RENT Two bedroom apartment Preko Morače 70m2
Ивана Вујошевића, Крушевац, Подгорица, Главни град Подгорица, 81000, Црна Гора
R E N T E D 350€ - Apartments
702 Bedrooms1 Bathroom

FOR RENT Two bedroom apartment Preko Morače 70m2


The apartment is located in Preko Morače near the elementary school “Maksim Gorki”. This is a very good location near which there are a large number of markets, shops, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, bookstores … You are only five minutes drive from the city center and all faculties, the Clinical Center. . There are a large number of parking spaces near the building.

Interior and design

It is a two-bedroom apartment of 70m2 which is completely renovated and unoccupied after renovation. The apartment is spacious and well used, has a large living room with sofa, sofa and armchair and chest of drawers with TV. The dining room with a table and chairs is separate from the living room. The kitchen has all the necessary elements and appliances. In one bedroom there is a large double bed and wardrobes and in the other two single beds, as well as a wardrobe. The bathroom has a bathtub and a washing machine. The apartment is air-conditioned and has a TA stove. They have two balconies, one with access from the living room and the other from the bedroom.

Terms of issue

The apartment is for rent for a longer period at the request of the owner, a deposit is required and is in the amount of one monthly rent. If you liked this property contact us for more information.


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