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FOR SALE Nice one bedroom apartment near the hotel Hilton 41m2
Вука Караџића, Драч, Подгорица, Главни град Подгорица, 20000, Црна Гора
R E N T E D 56,000€ - Apartments
411 Bedroom1 Bathroom

FOR SALE Nice one-bedroom apartment near the hotel Hilton 41m2


The apartment is located in the center of Podgorica, near the Hilton Hotel and the Revenue Office. Nearby there are supermarkets, boutiques, pharmacies, parks, banks, health center, cafes, primary school. . Quiet location and everything at your fingertips.

Interior and design

This one-bedroom apartment of 41m2 has a very nice structure. The living room is very spacious and airy and is complemented by a corner sofa and a chest of drawers with a TV. There is a desk and chair. The dining room is subtly separated from the living room and has a large dining table and chairs. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary kitchen elements and appliances. The bedroom has a large double bed and a wardrobe. The bathroom has a washing machine and shower. The apartment is air-conditioned, facing one terrace. There is plenty of parking space in front of the building.

Terms of sale

The apartment is sold for cash. The papers are in order. If you liked this property, feel free to contact us. Pisco Team always works for you!


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