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IDEAL FOR OFFICE Unfurnished two-bedroom apartment for rent in Central Point 68m2 + Garage space
Марка Радовића, Крушевац, Подгорица, Главни град Подгорица, 81000, Црна Гора
R E N T E D 450€ - Apartments, Business premises
68 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Garage 2020 Year Built

IDEAL FOR OFFICE Unfurnished two-bedroom apartment for rent in Central Point 68m2 + Garage space


The apartment is located in the first building Central Point, in a rapidly building neighborhood, 1 minute from the two shopping malls Delta City and City Mall. Within five minutes is the City District which has become the second center of the city, with supermarkets, cafes, banks, business premises, fast food. Almost all colleges are within a 10-minute walk.

Interior and design

This unfurnished two-bedroom apartment of 68m2 has a large living room connected to the dining room and kitchen as well as two bedrooms. The bathroom has a shower. The apartment is air conditioned and opens onto a terrace. It is very spacious, airy, everything smells new. The ideal workspace for your company!

Terms of issue

The apartment is for rent for a minimum of one year upon the owner’s request, and it is mandatory to make a deposit at the very beginning (the deposit is in the amount of one month’s rent) and rent. If you liked this property, contact us for more information.


Agent Tatiana Cupara


Tatiana is a responsible and cheerful person, always ready to find the property according to your will and needs. Together…
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