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FOR RENT Nicely furnished one bedroom apartment across from the Catholic Church 37m2
Мојковачка, Коник, Подгорица, Главни град Подгорица, 20000, Црна Гора
R E N T E D 250€ - Apartments
37 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 20018 Year Built

The nicely furnished one-bedroom apartment across from the Catholic Church 37m2 for rent


The apartment is located in Mojkovačka Street, across from the Catholic Church in Stari Aerodrom, in a small building that has no elevator. Nearby there are numerous supermarkets, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, shops, elementary school, Faculty of Mediterranean. . The center can be reached in a ten-minute drive.

Interior and design

This one-bedroom apartment of 37m2 is very nicely furnished. The living room is completed with a corner sofa and a chest of drawers with a TV. In the extension is a dining table with chairs, as well as a kitchen that is equipped with all the necessary elements and devices. The bedroom has a large double bed and a large wardrobe. The apartment is air-conditioned and has access to one terrace.

Terms of issue

The apartment is for rent for a longer period at the request of the owner, a deposit is required and is in the amount of one monthly rent. If you liked this property contact us for more information.


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