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Large Family House For Sale – Real Estate Montenegro
Rent, SOLD 300,000€ 1500 - Houses
300 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Garage 1200

Large family house for sale in Podgorica

prodaja kuća podgorica


prodaja kuća podgoricaThe house that is for sale is located in the neighborhood Tološi. Tološi is a neighborhood closest to the urban whole of block 5 and part of City Kvart. With wide boulevard you can easily reach this valuable real estate. The environment is very pleasant, green with vineyards and a beautiful view of cultivated plots and vineyard. The property around the house is enclosed by a high concrete fence, which is further adorned with high cypresses. There’s a large sliding gate on remote control. The yard is large and cultivated, the total area of land on which the house is located is 1200m2 and the house itself occupies 300m2. It consists of ground floor and one story. The outer walls are in one part of the circular shape, while the roof exceeds 2 meters across the house’s outline and creates a certain shelter from the rain. In any case, a very interesting architectural solution, and we could say not so usual. The house exterior looks preserved, with visible traces on the facade, so it should be refreshed. The outer surface is a combination of lawns and paved areas, and good outdoor lighting is also noticed. In one part of the house there is a buried closed garage from which leads into the interior of the house.


prodaja kuća podgoricaThe large entrance hall comes before the living room and the dining room with the kitchen. The living room is large and spacious, as well as a kitchen and a dining room. Beautifully furnished space, well illuminated and with the possibility of going to the terrace that is covered and looking toward west. Other rooms such as laundry, pantry, garage can be reached from the hall, and the semicircular wooden stairs lead to the upper floor.

prodaja kuća podgoricaThe upper floor is also huge, with four large bedrooms with a high quality itison.The Upper floor has two large bathrooms and also a large terrace. Central heating is used for heating throughout the house, and the air conditioning system is used for cooling. The house is currently semi-finished and is sold with furniture. It is obvious that fewer repairs and refinements are needed in terms of painting. Also, we would note that there’s a modern low-current installation , and there is also a video and alarm system. Summing up the impressions about this property, we concluded that the price offered is very correct for this type of construction taking into account all the elements of the assessment. The house does not have a building permit but is in the process of legalization. We consider this property a good purchase for living but also for rent.

Conditions of sale

It is sold for cash, but we do not exclude the possibility of a certain compensation if there is interest in it. Our real estate agency will present this property to you. You can schedule a visit [maxbutton id = “9”]. The photo material is in the performance of our agency and if you want your property to receive similar treatment [maxbutton id = “1”] The property right over this object is neat and the possible procedure for buying and selling would go quickly.

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