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Lux garage is rented at Vezier Bridge + garage | podgorica
R E N T E D 230€ - Studio apartment
30 1 Bathroom

Lux garage at Vezier’s Bridge 30m2 is rented


The location of the garage is at The Vezir Bridge, one of the most sought-after and attractive locations in Podgorica. The building is located in the immediate vicinity of the Moraca River, which has a promenade planned for it, and there is also the Hill Gorica symbol of this city. There’s a garage within the garage.

Interior and design

The garage is extremely furnished and beautifully designed, equipped with comfortable new furnishings. The kitchen has all the necessary elements, the bathroom functionally and equipped with the highest quality ceramics. The apartment is air-conditioned.

Terms of issue

The building is issued for a minimum of one year at the request of the owner, the deposit is mandatory and is in the amount of one month’s rent. If you liked this property, contact us for more information.

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