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Luxury one bedroom apartment for rent st. Slovačka | Podgorica
[email protected]
R E N T E D 350€ - Apartments
57 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Luxury one bedroom apartment for rent in Slovakia street 57m2


This property is in a very good location near Primary School , Block 5, Bazaar … Very nice and quiet place to live and also convenient as it has playgrounds for children.

Interior and design

The newer building has demit facade we were simply delighted with the building itself. The building has a lift , a security system , and you have free parking in front of the building. When you enter the apartment you will see a large hallway that leads you straight to the beautiful living room . The apartment is completely renovated and nicely decorated as you can see in the pictures. This property has a large terrace and a beautiful bedroom with a double bed and the apartment also has a terrace.

Terms of sale

The apartment is primarily rented for a period of one year. If you like this property, feel free to contact us and if you like our work and would like to advertise your property through our agency, you can easily do so: [maxbutton id = “20 “





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