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Luxury two bedroom apartment for rent in Block 9 | Podgorica
R E N T E D 320€ - Apartments
2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

For rent lux two bedroom apartment in Block 9 56m2


This is a great location, very quiet place and beautiful to live in, also right next to the famous City Quarter as well as a litter of cafes , supermarkets and many  store . We have to mention that there is also a big shopping mall Bazaar near the apartment.

Interior and design

The apartment is brand new, has a kitchen with all kitchen elements then a dining room with table and chairs , a nicely decorated bathroom and two empty rooms. Also the apartment has one big nice terrace with a beautiful view.


The apartment is rented for a minimum of one year, at the request of the owner. The apartment can be fully furnished and the price is 420e as furnished and as unfurnished as seen in the pictures the price is 320e . [maxbutton id=”20″ ] 


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