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47,601 Bedroom1 Bathroom2020 Year Built

Apartment 47.60 m2 in a new building in Cetinje


New building in Cetinje, one bedroom apartment for saleThe apartments are located in a new building that has just been built, close to the main street. Cetinje is evidently becoming more and more interesting to domestic and foreign investors, both because of its uniqueness and because of the climate. As the main cultural and administrative center, Cetinje is becoming more and more important, especially when it is known that it is located halfway to the sea , and that in the near future the construction of a cable car has been agreed, which would facilitate the arrival of tourists. The residential building that we offer you has lower floors , very intimate and beautifully integrated into the environment.

The building’s materials are of high quality, the walls are covered with a demit facade , and the parking lot in front is sufficient for the needs of future tenants. Near this facility there is a library , a kindergarten and a high school .

The interior

The structure of this apartment is one-room , very functional. From the entrance hall you pass to the bedroom on one side and the living room on the other side. Both rooms have access to the balcony . The materials used for the floors are parquet and ceramics .

New building in Cetinje, one bedroom apartment for saleThe bathroom

is also spacious, so all the necessary machines will fit. The external lock is made of PVC, which will guarantee you lower electricity bills, but when you take into account that Cetinje does not need cooling in the summer, that cost will be really small.

If you have intended this property for housing or vacation, you will not make a mistake, and what we recommend is that if you do not stay all year in Cetinje, rent it out to tourists. This market is growing, so you can collect a nice income during the summer months, while during the winter months many students stay there.

In any case, looking at the complete offer, we conclude that this is an excellent investment, especially when we take into account the very good price at which this property is offered.

Terms of Sale

This property is being offered for cash, but feel free to offer your property in exchange or partial compensation. We will also mention that the building is finished and that the apartment can be moved into immediately. Our real estate agency tries to be a real partner, so if you like our offer, feel free to contact us.


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