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Nice three-room house in Donja Gorica for sale
Desanke Maksimović, Dahna, Podgorica, Podgorica Capital City, 81111, Montenegro
Sell 170,000€ - Houses
180 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 3 Garages 250

Nice three-room house in Donja Gorica for sale


The house is located in Donja Gorica, in Desanke Maksimović Street, near the Morača River. Nearby are the post office and kindergarten in Donja Gorica. The street in which the house is located leads to the main highway that passes through this neighborhood, and on which there are a bakery, an Aroma market, a pet shop… Delta shopping center is only 5 minutes away by car. It only takes about 15 minutes to drive to the airport. The location is quiet, inhabited only by private houses, and on the other hand, just a few minutes from the city.

Interior and design

The house has an area of 150 m2, cascade layout, and is located on a fenced plot of 250 m2. The living room is large, with two sofas, air conditioning and a TV set. It has a dining table with chairs suitable for meals with guests. The kitchen is located on the lower level of the house, and adjacent to it is another dining room that is suitable for everyday family meals. The dining room is located next to the large balcony door. The kitchen is really big, with nice light tones and materials, with all the necessary appliances, and it has two smaller windows for natural ventilation. In this part there is also a large storage room, which can be adapted for different purposes. There is also a small wood stove in the dining room. The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also has a washing machine and a clothes dryer, which are located in a separate room designated as a laundry room.

The house is surrounded by a high fence, has a nice lawn around it, as well as a covered terrace and a nice corner to enjoy. This house offers peace and privacy, a corner for every member of the family, and a beautifully landscaped outdoor area.

Terms of Sale

The house is sold for cash. If you liked this offer, contact us for more information.


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