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Nice two bedroom apartment below the Tower 68m2 + garage space for rent
Janka Đonovića, Zabjelo, Podgorica, Capital Podgorica, +382, Montenegro
R E N T E D, Rent 350€ - Apartments
682 Bedrooms1 Bathroom

Nice two bedroom apartment below the Tower 68m2 + garage space for rent


The studio is located in Janka Đonovića Street, in the Family Quarter neighborhood. It is a smaller building of newer construction, lined with a demit facade. . Nearby there are numerous supermarkets, primary schools, kindergartens, children’s playground. . The city center is a ten minute drive, and two shopping malls – Delta City and City Mall, as well as the City Quarter are five minutes away. .

Interior and design

It is a well-equipped two bedroom apartment of 68m2. The living room is complemented by a modern two-seater, three-seater and armchair, as well as a Smart TV. In the extension is a beautifully designed dining room with table and chairs as well as a fully equipped kitchen with all elements and appliances. In one bedroom there is a large double bed and a wardrobe, and in the other bunk beds. The spacious bathroom has a bathtub and a large washing machine. The apartment is air conditioned, has underfloor heating. The apartment comes with a garage space, and in front of the building there is an electric gate and video surveillance.

Terms of issue

The apartment is rented for a minimum of one year upon the owner’s request, and it is mandatory to make a deposit at the very beginning (the deposit is in the amount of one month’s rent) and rent. If you liked this property, contact us for more information.


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