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One bedroom beautiful apartment for rent in City kvart 55m2 + Garage Place
Vojvode Maša Đurovića, Kruševac, Podgorica, Capital Podgorica, 81101, Montenegro
R E N T E D 350€ - Apartments
551 Bedroom1 Bathroom1 Garage

One bedroom beautiful apartment for rent in City kvart 55m2 + Garage Place


The location of the apartment is attractive and is located in one of the most sought-after districts in Podgorica, City kvart near the Per Sempre resoran. The district is abundant with various cafes, restaurants, markets, and is close by TC, Delta City. This location is very attractive and will provide you with a large range of amenities.

Interior and design

The apartment is located in a newer building that has an elevator. The apartment is equipped with a brand-new thing and looks very nice. The apartment alone makes a very strong impression and we’re sure you’ll like it. The structure of the apartment is such that the living room is very spacious and the kitchen with the dining table is added to it. The living room is equipped with a comfortable set and a new plasma TV, and the kitchen is beautiful with elements that fit perfectly into the interior of the apartment. There’s a bedroom whose space fills the french bed and closet. The apartment is air-conditioned.

Terms of issue

The apartment is for rent for a minimum of one year at the request of the owner, the deposit is mandatory and is in the amount of one month’s rent. If you liked this property, contact us for more information.


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