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Office space suitable for offices
SOLD 95,000€ - Business premises
120 6 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Office space suitable for offices – Pobrežje

Poslovni prostorLocation

This space is located in the street 4 Jul in Pobrežje – Podgorica. The approach is very good because it can be reached by a vehicle on both sides of the building.


Space completely renovated: electrical installations, plumbing, ceramics, sanitary facilities, locks, interior doors, wall smoothing, painting, facade.

Done installation and installed equipment for: video surveillance (16 cameras), alarm system, fire alarm system, sound system, interphone, LAN installation (rack cabinet with equipment), telephone exchange, 2 air conditioners, 2 telephone lines, optics.

There are 2 toilets 2 halls, a kitchen, 6 rooms.

Poslovni prostorNote

This space is offered for cash, but there is also the possibility of compensation for a plot in Podgorica.


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