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Renting Podgorica | Two Bedroom Apartment | Block 5
R E N T E D 350€ - Apartments
76 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Unfurnished apartment in block 5 suitable for offices is for rent


Izdavanje stanova Blok 5 This property is in a building across the street from the temple on Velimir Terzic This street is very busy but in front of the building < strong> lots of greenery that will still give you peace of mind for work or for housing.


The apartment is unfurnished and as such is being rented. Until now it has been used as workrooms for legal entities and non-governmental organizations. We also see it for this purpose but also for those who have their own furniture and want a large spacious apartment in a good location. Easily accessible , and there is some furniture, such as a large closet and sinks that could be used. For more serious tenants, there is also a opportunity to agree on furniture in the kitchen.

Izdavanje stanova Blok 5Uslovi izdavanja

The apartment is rented out for one year and we will meet all interested parties and present this property. If you like our work and you may have a property you want to sell / rent, you can do it easily:

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Izdavanje stanova Blok 5

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