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Spacious House On Ribnica Waterfront |  Real Estate Podgorica
R E N T E D 900€ - Houses
240 5 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

A spacious five-room house for long term rent


This facility is located on the border between the Podgorica settlements Stari Aerodrom and Konik. This part of the city is very interesting for housing because there are elementary schools, kindergartens, playgrounds in the immediate vicinity and it is also an excellent connection to the city center. The house has its own yard, also has two levels. At the back of the house is an intimate garden overlooking the Ribnica River with a ready-made barbecue grill and outdoor furniture. The entire building is fenced and secured.


Interior and design

At the very entrance we notice that it is a large space of 250m2 with five bedrooms, two bathrooms. One on each floor. The kitchen is also spacious and the dining room is not physically separated from the living room but has enough space to set up a large dining table. The furniture is very high quality and will satisfy even the most demanding tenants

Terms of sale

For a period of at least one year, with a standard lease agreement, PisCo Real Estate Agency is free to offer this property to all interested tenants. Feel free to contact us. [maxbutton id=”24″ ]

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