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Studio for rent near Gintaš ul. July 4 | Podgorica
R E N T E D 200€ - Studio apartment
251 Bathroom

Studio for rent at Gintaš 25m2


The studio is in a great location as everything is within easy reach in just a few minutes is a large shopping mall and a Gintaš market, and across the street is a elementary school >. If you want to walk across the building you have a beautifully landscaped park and of course there is the Ljubovic Hill which is great for recreation and enjoyment. Also note that there is a large parking in front of you, which is constantly accessible to you and you are also very close to the city center.

Interior and design

The apartment is oriented on the east side so you have a view right on July 4th. The apartment has a large living room which is nicely decorated and next to the entrance is beautiful kitchen that has all the kitchen elements. Last but not least, let’s not forget that the studio has a large and well-appointed bathroom as well as a small terrace with beautiful views.

Terms of issuance

The studio is rented for a minimum of one year at the request of the owner. If you like this property or would like yours to advertise please contact us for more information. [maxbutton id=”20″ ]

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