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220 9 Bedrooms 9 Bathrooms

Two-storey house of 220m2 in a beautiful and calm location in Sutomore

About Sutomore

Sutomore is a city settlement in the municipality of Bar in Montenegro. According to the 2003 census, there were 1827 inhabitants (according to the 1991 census there were 1123 inhabitants).

Sutomore can be divided into three parts: Field where the majority of the inhabitants live that are in the eastern part of the Spičansko polje, a coast that includes 2 km promenade along the beach and the surrounding settlements (Rutke, Brca, Nehaj, Misici …). The main street connects the shore and the field, and there are schools, kindergarten, post office and health center.


At the beginning of August, Sutomore has over 10,000 overnight stays a day. This attracts young people. There is a large number of cafes with live music on the promenade. The cafes are situated on the terraces located along the beach. The stone wall protects the terraces from the sea waves.

Location and approach

The house is located in the part of the settlement below the main road leading toward Bar, and 500 m air route from the sea shore. The access to the house is from one of the two roads that intersect this part of the settlement. From the boulevard to the house there is a little bit of macadam but it’s covered with large, stretched gravel and the access is easy and wide enough. The house has a city water supply and a well in case of water shortage.

Exterior of the house

The plot on which the house is located is 546 m2, and the facility is 220m2, the ground floor and floor with a Mediterranean roof that has a very slight fall. There is also an auxiliary facility of 12m2 and the entire plot is enclosed with a concrete walled fence, which gives additional intimacy to this area. The house is almost new and it looks like that. The outside isn’t demit facade, but it’s bavalit so the house looks very nice. The terraces are secured with a forged fence as well as stairs leading to the second floor. The garden is also maintained and the crops of fruit trees, oranges, kiwi, pomegranates, apples, figs, cherries, jujube , plums are planted … Outside there is modern lighting, and the locks are aluminum.


The interior concept of the house is such that it is deliberately made for tourist purposes. The entire area of ground floor and floor is divided into apartments and rooms. There is 1 apartment and the rest are rooms with bathrooms. The floors are of ceramics, interior joinery is made of quality materials and is well preserved. The complete equipment is as new. From equipment and furniture there are:

  • Air conditioners 10 kom
  • Beds 25 kom
  • TVs 9 kom
  • Kitchens 3 kom
  • Bathrooms 9 kom

Everything is subordinated to the tourist season and has all the conditions for a good profit.

Opinion of the agency

In our professional opinion, this house should be seen as an investment that must generate significant revenue. Fully equipped for welcoming and accommodating tourists makes it great for these purposes. A large yard and a two-way access also goes as a support. A collective alimentatiot can also be organized, where the food would be prepared in an annex, which is adapted for these purposes, and the large space in front is excellent for placing a large table or smaller ones. There is also a warehouse for food of some 5 m2.

Conditions of sale

The house is in the ownership 1/1 and is sold in full with the associated equipment and plot. Pisco Real Estate Agency is authorized for sale and will provide you with all the necessary information and assistance in concluding a sales contract as a sales agent.




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