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FOR RENT New one-bedroom apartment in Južna Kapija Grada 45m2
Војисављевића, Забјело, Подгорица, Главни град Подгорица, 81106, Црна Гора
R E N T E D 250€ - Apartments
45 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

FOR RENT New one-bedroom apartment in Južna Kapija Grada 45m2


The apartment is located in the new settlement Južna kapija grada, which is located at the roundabout where HDL Laković, LC Waikiki, and Naš diskont are. These are newly built buildings, as you read, right next to two hypermarkets, a pharmacy, Extra Retail Park and not far away are two primary schools, a kindergarten, children’s playgrounds. Within ten minutes are the strict city center, as well as the shopping centers Delta City, City Mall, and Mall of Montenegro.

Interior and design

This one-bedroom apartment of 45m2 has a nice living room complete with a leather corner sofa and a chest of drawers with a TV. In the extension is a dining room with a table and three chairs, as well as a kitchen that has all the necessary elements and devices. The bedroom has a double bed as well as a large wardrobe. The apartment opens onto a terrace and is air-conditioned. The building has an intercom and an elevator, and in front, there is plenty of parking.

Terms of issue

The apartment is for rent for a minimum of one year at the request of the owner, a deposit is required and is in the amount of one monthly rent. If you liked this property contact us for more information.


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