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Nice two-room apartment for sale at a great price in City Quarter 64m2
SOLD 144,900€ - Apartments
64 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

Nice two-room apartment for sale at a great price in City Quarter 64m2


The apartment is located in the building where the Kernel store is located in the City Quarter. The apartment is located on a low floor and is oriented towards the main street. Also this is an extremely good location because you are a minute from a shop, bakery, bank, cafe, restaurant…

Interior and design

The apartment is for sale fully furnished and only the owners would perhaps take the TV. The apartment has a large hallway that separates the other rooms from each other. At the very entrance there is a bathroom that is completely arranged, then there is also a smaller children’s bedroom with two small beds and a desk. There is also a large bedroom with a large double bed and a wardrobe for storing things. A large living room that has new furniture and a plasma TV, and there is also a dining table with chairs. The apartment also has a kitchen with a bar and all kitchen elements and white goods. Also from the living room you have access to a beautiful balcony with a view of the main street Studentska.

Terms of release

The apartment is sold exclusively for cash, if you like this property you can contact us for more information.

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