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Two bedroom duplex for sale in a new building behind Delta
Арсенија Бољевића, Крушевац, Podgorica, Podgorica Capital City, 81103, Montenegro
Sell 135,000€ - Apartments
105 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Two bedroom duplex for sale in a new building behind Delta


The apartment is located in a smaller residential building with only 10 apartments, behind the garage of the Big Fashion shopping center. The building does not have an elevator, and it has a parking space. Apart from the shopping center where there is an Idea market, a pharmacy, a post office, and a large number of shops, in the immediate surroundings there is the City Quarter with all its facilities. There is also Central Point, which also has a large number of bars with different contents. Next to the building, a street is planned that will lead directly to Marko Radovića Street and further towards the Crooked Bridge.

Interior and design

The apartment is two-bedroom, duplex, with a total area of ​​105m2. Of that, the lower part of the apartment has 45m2 and the upper part has 60m2 and that part is not legalized. In the lower part there is a large living room, with a large balcony door, and a part intended for the dining room. The kitchen is separated by a partition wall, it is very comfortable and spacious. The upper part of the apartment is reached by stairs that are made of walnut wood, and apart from being of high quality, their color and appearance fit perfectly into the environment. In the upper part there is a hallway where you can place a small closet, two bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower. Both bedrooms are large, one is entirely under a sloped ceiling, while the other is in two parts, one of which has a flat ceiling and the other under a slope, and that part of the room is ideal as a wardrobe or working part of a children’s room.

The apartment has a multisplit system, so all rooms in the apartment are air-conditioned. The apartment has beautiful floors and ceramics, as well as lighting that has a nice design and good quality. The apartment also has a balcony facing the courtyard side of the building, overlooking Central Point and the Abex building.

Terms of sale

The apartment is sold for cash. If you liked this offer, contact us for more information.


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