autumn tones




This magical interior was designed and visualized by the Polish designer duo Plasterlin. Large quadrature and open space gave the designers the ability to show their talent in full luxury, which they used so well, creating a perfectly harmonious ambience.

For most architects and designers, the arrangement of a small space represents the biggest challenge in terms of organizing and coordinating all the necessary functional units while completing aesthetic requirements.

However, in such projects, large constraints often by themselves condition and define certain solutions, by which the designer partially relieves responsibility “for the same. On the other hand, when there is a luxurious and flexible space where practically everything is feasible, this at first glance acts as an ideal situation for the one who arranges space. That is true, but we can only say it when it comes to talented designers.

In such projects, the sense of aesthetics, design and organization of the space that the author disposes of comes to full expression. The interior design that we present to you is exactly for this reason a great proof that its authors are not lacking in talent and skills.

The luxurious apartment that the Polish studio PlaSterina has arranged for a young family is the perfect combination of colors and materials, applied in the modern Scandinavian style. The largest part of the apartment occupies a living zone which is by unusual elements dividd into functional subcategories – living room, dining room and kitchen.

The living room is situated in the largest area, which is very well lit with wide windows. It encouraged designers to choose a darker color. Photographs testify that they did not make mistake because, despite the dark gray walls and furniture for sitting, the space doesn not look at all cramped and dark. Certainly well-designed lighting, the built-in dotted LED illumination spread over the ceiling, and two striking lusters in the central part of the room, certainly contributed to this.

The kitchen and dining room are located in an elongated room, complementing each other, but the passage between these two units is clearly indicated by the facing of ceiling and floors. However, the central element of the entire living room is a barrier that separates the kitchen and dining room from the living room.

This is a thick barrier wall with a modern glazed fireplace, while on the side there is a high shelf for wood. The flames of fire and robust wood perfectly fit with olive green, which was chosen for this partition element.

The dining room is equipped with a large table with metal legs and a robust wood panel, for which Ims chairs are upholstered with gray furniture. All this is rounded up with black metal lusters, so the whole ambience has a bit of industrial style. An unusual detail in this unit is a wide horizontal window set very low, almost at the height of the floor. The wall in which this window is located is covered with anthracite gray panels, with which the built-in kitchen elements perfectly melt. A particularly interesting detail is the vertical niche with bottle holders.

Although located in the same room, the kitchen is clearly different from the dining room. It was achieved with color contrast – dark gray wall panels, bright parquet and white ceiling from the dining room in the kitchen were replaced by white fronts of kitchen elements, dark gray floor tiles and ceiling in the same color. The most attractive detail in the kitchen is a large island with a smaller dining area. What makes it remarkable is the orange shelf hanging above it. In addition to the fact that it gave a visual imprint to this area, it also illuminates the working area of the island because it incorporates lighting.

In large apartments with many rooms it is often inevitable that a large part of the area is spent on communications, that is, halls. The best thing that can be done in these situations is that the halls are practically used, as is the case in this apartment. It has two long halls, with walls being used for the installation of the elements for disposal.

In one is a library, in another closed closet with interesting details, open orange shelves in the bottom of the elements, which are used for footwear and in effective contrast with the gray front of the closet. The apartment has one bedroom, which is the the simplest room, and it is the most appropriate for its purpose. Stylish and colorful, it is completely aligned with the living zone, but the impressive colorful accents are completely omitted.

The combination of light wood and dark-colored paint works harmoniously and calming, takas lighting is arranged, while above the night cabinets on modern lusters whicn replace the stone lamps. Considering that there are plenty of storage space in the corridors. There are no elements for storage in the bedroom, there are only large beds and a Scandinavian-style table.

A striking detail is the wall behind the bed, whose entire surface actually imitates the bed’s head, since it is upholstered with gray furniture. This treatment of the wall surface also provided an excellent sound insulation of the bedroom. The bedroom also has a separate bathroom, which is arranged in an equally simple way – with white floor tiles and walls and furniture elements combined with black and wood.

The guest bathroom is the only room that deviates from the warm autumn color, but it may be the most interesting in the whole apartment. It has a luxurious surface, and with attractive design solutions is divided into two functional areas – a toilet and a bathing and showering space.
In the zone of the toilet, the black color is absolutely dominant, which is chosen for floor and wall tiles, as well as the color of the ceiling. On such base only the white sanitary elements stand out, but also an interesting piece of furniture for storing – a red cabin under the sink, placed on wide niche, framed by the same material from which it was made.
Unlike the toilet, the shower area is characterized by complete whiteness. This creates a very effective contrast, and the transition from one unit to the other is further emphasized by hidden led tape at the boundary between the black and white wall surface. Minimalist arrangement, total contrast and equal proportions of these two units at first glance create an illusion that one represents the negative of the other.